Alberto Lareo will cook on the third anniversary of the restaurant Bocanegra

04 de September del 2017, 14:35


Our chef, Alberto Lareo, will participate in this celebration on Tuesday, September 5 from 8 pm. For the occasion he will prepare Jurel with fried Herbón peppers.


Celebrate events at the Manso Restaurant and surprise your guests

21 de July del 2017, 09:43


Our living-rooms are adapted so that you can come to celebrate any event with us, both personal and corporate, as we also have private spaces where you can hold a meeting in a quiet and discreet atmosphere.


Alberto Lareo will be cooking at the ShowRocking of PortAmérica Festival

12 de July del 2017, 12:32


This Friday, July 14, the Manso restaurant will attend a very special event: our chef, Alberto Lareo, is one of the cooks invited to participate in the "Cooking at the End of the World" experience organized by the PortAmérica festival.


Welcome Manola!

04 de July del 2017, 11:18


In Manso we have a very special new companion. In the next few days you will be with us learning in the kitchen a person with hearing impairment and his interpreter, which we have hosted in our team with the intention of demonstrating that with a little organization, we can all work together in perfect harmony.


Restaurante Manso once again unifies the art and cuisine in its living room

19 de June del 2017, 13:25


Our restaurant will host a compilation of the work of  Santi Jiménez with the purpose of bringing together again the innovative cuisine between the traditional and the avant-garde and the art of drawing. This is how our establishment will be a parallel exhibition space where you can learn about the work of the author from Santiago. It will be exhibited with pieces from his work "Se acabó la fiesta" (2011), appealing to the general context of crisis that was going through.



Alberto Lareo participates in Salimat ABANCA 2017 with a showcooking with seal of quality

09 de June del 2017, 09:12


Our chef, Alberto Lareo, will participate on Sunday, June 11 at 6.30pm at the Galician International Fair (Silleda), in the workshop "Novos sabores, nuevas sentirs" with a showcooking in which a tasting will be prepared for 30 people. Alberto, with this approach, intends to expand the horizons of the kitchen giving special prominence to the product of the sea coming from the craft fleet.


Alberto Lareo, protagonist of the showcooking on vegetables of marsh in the CIFP Compostela

18 de May del 2017, 12:02


 • The master class is part of the program of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the school of hospitality in Santiago