We introduce you to Fátima!

17 de November del 2017, 13:23

We introduce you to Fátima!

In Manso restaurant we don't believe in barriers, and that is why we have welcomed into our team our very special new companion: Fatima, a girl with hearing disability who will be learning in our house during the next months.

Fátima studied cooking at the CIFP Compostela, the same school where our chef Alberto Lareo was a student, and after passing the course he chose our restaurant to continue expanding her knowledge and live her first foray into the professional world.

After the good experience tha we lived with Manola, who accompanied us with her interpreter this summer, it is a great pleasure for us welcoming Fátima and teach her our way of understanding gastronomy. And although at first she was a bit nervous  -because in this time we are not accompanied by an expert in sign language- after a few weeks with us we believe that she is perfectly adap, and that she is also satisfied with the experience:

"It's been a very positive experience for me and I'm adapting well. At first, I was a little afraid because I did not know how they worked and what communication was going to be, but we all understand each other perfectly through gestures, mime ... and they also start to know a little sign language. The communication is very good, I am very happy ".

In Manso we continue to encourage all companies, whatever their industry, to bet on diversity and  integrate in their teams people like Fatima or Manola, because they have much to contribute.

So do not hesitate, if you want to discover the talent for the kitchen of our new teammate and the entire team of Manso, come and try in Santiago de Compostela the proposals of our current autumn letter.

Thank you again for choosing us, Fátima: it is a pleasure contribute with your training. Welcome!