Manso's croquettes are one step closer to become the world's best

18 de January del 2018, 10:28

Manso's croquettes are one step closer to become the world's best

January comes loaded with good news, and is that our chef Alberto Lareo has been chosen as one of the six finalists of the 'IV Joselito International Championship' The specialty? No less than the World's Best Croquettes. If you have already tried our delicious croquettes at the Manso Restaurant, you will not be surprised for such a recognition, they are finger licking!

Lareo will be the only Galician finalist in the contest, which will hold its final on January the 24th, coinciding with the closure of Madrid Fusión 2018. In the contest, one of the most prestigious of those held during the Madrid gastronomic congress, our chef will have to show the jury his bechamel dough made with Joselito ham, promoter of the championship. Afterwards, it will shape, dip and fry its creations in order to present the resulting tasty croquettes.

It will be after tasting the elaborations proposed by each of the finalists when the jury, made up of specialized journalists, prestigious chefs and gastronomic specialists and the food industry, will proclaim the winner of the championship. The award? The title of 'IV International Champion Joselito to World's Best Ham Croquettes' as well as an exclusive Joselito Vintage 2008 ham.

For our chef Alberto Lareo, the fact of coming back to Madrid Fusión after being a finalist in 2016 to "Cocinero Revelación" is 'in itself a prize'; and even more, by doing something like croquettes, which 'have been on our menu since we opened and it is a pride to be recognized as one of the best in the world'.

There is no doubt that Manso croquettes create unanimity among those who taste them. And that is why they have earned so deserved a place in a very tight competition. If you also want to try these delicious Iberic ham croquettes, make your reservation and visit us in our restaurant, we are waiting for you!