Alberto Lareo's kitchen crosses the pond: Manso travels to Mexico!

17 de April del 2018, 13:15

Alberto Lareo's kitchen crosses the pond: Manso travels to Mexico!

Good news: our restaurant Manso crosses the pond! Chef Alberto Lareo has moved to the American continent until April 27 to collaborate with La Hacienda de Jamaica, in Mexico City, in a gastronomic conference that fuses Galician and Mexican cuisine.

The objective of our chef on this trip is to make a cultural and culinary exchange. For two weeks, Alberto will show the clients of this restaurant in Mexico City the dishes and philosophy of our house in Santiago de Compostela, while steeping himself in the country's autochthonous cuisine.

But in addition, Alberto will be accompanied on this culinary adventure by Juan Hernández, the chef responsible for La Hacienda de Jamaica, and his partner behind the ovens in Mexico City. During this gastronomic exploration, both of them will elaborate two menus in which they will fuse the most avant-garde cuisine of Manso with the typical elaborations and the local products, among which are products like the "huachingo", the snook or the epazote.

This fusion of Galician and Mexican cuisine in the halls of La Hacienda de Jamaica has been slow-cooking itself for several months; in which our chef traveled to Mexico with the intention of gaining a deep understanding of the gastronomic tradition of the country. After this immersion, in which he fell in love spatially with the local markets and with the high quality of its products, this will be the first occasion in which the locals will be able to enjoy the cuisine of Alberto Lareo and our restaurant in their city.

So those who are lucky enough to be in Mexico City, do not forget that you are facing an extraordinary opportunity to discover this unique fusion of the cuisine of Alberto Lareo and Juan Hernández at La Hacienda de Jamaica. We will be waiting for you until April 27!