Enjoy Cabana's art during your visit to Manso Restaurant

21 de March del 2018, 11:26

Enjoy Cabana's art during your visit to Manso Restaurant

In the Manso Restaurant we love art and even more if its origin is in Galician lands. For this reason, we have once again collaborated with the Federica No Era Tonta art gallery so that you can enjoy Óscar Cabana's work the next time you visit us. The artist from A Coruña presents his new work in the gallery of rúa do Vilar with the name "INTIMATE. Everyday exercises ", and at Manso Restaurant we have the honor of embellishing our walls with his previous work. In this way, you will be able to know the whole trajectory of Cabana while you taste the delights prepared by our chef Alberto Lareo.

And what can we expect from this artist from A Coruña? For many urban landscapes, inspired by their training in architecture, but also more intimate scenarios. Some of the most recurrent elements in his paintings are a coffee maker, a toothbrush or a sink, which are a portrait of the everyday life, with which we can all reflect them. The works of Cabana marry perfectly with the atmosphere of the Manso, and are a delight for the eyes as our food are for the palate. In addition, since its introduction in the still lifes, the artist introduces lemons, bananas and watermelons in his paintings, which will surely open the appetite to more than one.

Óscar Cabana has exhibited his creations in such illustrious facilities as the Museum of Fine Arts of A Courña or Sargadelos, and for a limited time will also do so in our Restaurant Manso, so do not miss this great opportunity to meet an artist of our lands. We will wait for you!